My name is Erin and I can’t get enough of sharing and talking with new and old friends alike. I also love dinner and dancing - but let’s get back on track here.

photo by  brett brooner

I like dumb jokes. I like being barefoot. I like wild flowers. I love taking baths on rainy days and drinking hot tea. I also love photography. I have a B.A. in Photojournalism and New Media from Creighton University though I got my start back in high school as a photography editor on the newspaper staff. It's been such a big part of my life for so long and I feel extremely grateful for that. Photography gets me around people in all the best parts of their lives - people who have fallen in love, people who are starting a new life or celebrating an old one, people who are at their happiest. I get to be a part of that and give them something to look back onto fondly + remember what it felt like.

photo by  the mullers

photo by the mullers

I love me some KP. That's my husband - Kyle. He builds things. Pretty much any kind of thing you could want or need. We are expecting our first child in February 2019 and could not be more excited to meet our new little junebug. I love my full-time job. I'm the Marketing Director at Omaha Conservatory of Music. I come from a family of animal lovers. I've had so many different kinds of critters throughout my life. My parents have a mini horse named Buck and a goose named Lou. I myself have a floppy pal named Angus and a mischievous cat named Dibs who I talk about way too much.


I love my city - I love when I meet people who are staying in Omaha for the first time and hearing their reactions. We're not some small city surrounded by cornfields, I mean - there are cornfields. But there's more to us than that. We have the best zoo in the world, and it's one of my favorite places to go. We have a vibrant and eclectic music scene, and I try to frequent shows as much as I can. I also love to travel. My blog is aglow with images from the places we've been. If you're not from here and you want me to come to you - I am so down. If you're not from here and want suggestions on cool places to photograph at in Nebraska - I got you covered.

Let's get together. Let's create photographs you will love for the rest of your life. Whether it's miles and miles from THE MIDWEST, or right here in the heartland.