I met Kyle when I was 18 and at 18 I was there already - completely enamored, sitting across the table from him on our first date. Something about him just struck me. I remember how much I admired him even then, how exciting I thought his life was, and my young self puzzled over the innate intellect he possessed - a strength and sincerity in how he spoke. He didn’t much take to me though - and I don’t blame him as I was very young and naive and still feel that way sometimes, but he let me down with a gentle honesty I had seldom seen from other guys in that regard and at that age. We saw each other as casual friends over the next years, around town - doing what we did and when I would see him I would just gush and wonder and try to imagine what kinds of things he thought about and how he liked his eggs in the morning and what he loved and hated and feared. There are just people that grab a hold of you in such a way that every time you see them, no matter how things were left, or even in the most simplistic of encounters  - you are right back there, sitting across that table - not wanting another thing in the whole damn world. This went on for some time, and finally after our relationships with other people and all of the other things that happen during those rampant charging years, when life decided it was ready - we were together. And that’s where I’ve been. That’s where I continue to be. It hasn’t always been perfect, or easy. But it’s right. Right for me in all the ways that it can be. And now, we’re having a baby. And I feel so many things all at once. But one thing I know for sure, there’s not another person on this earth that I would want by my side on this journey. I know truly in my heart that he is the man who is meant to be the father of my child. And I feel so thankful and grateful for that, for him, for all of it.

Ashley & Casey

These two - guys, let me tell you what. Ashley & Casey are the type of couple that you only have to interact with for a few minutes to really understand why they just click. There's a radiant spark that jolts me awake when being around people in that kind of love - a gentle reach for a hand, the all-knowing and quiet glance between laughs. It's everything.

I met these two fantastic humans last fall. We set off for a hike through the Loess Hills of Hitchcock Nature Center and laughed the whole way down and heaved & huffed all the way back up. I knew their wedding was going to be GOOD.

and boy, was it good. - flash forward almost eight months to the wedding -

Ashley + Casey (and Elijah) - you guys are THE. BEST. I feel so grateful to have been apart of your lives this part year. Thank you thank you!