Ashley & Casey

These two - guys, let me tell you what. Ashley & Casey are the type of couple that you only have to interact with for a few minutes to really understand why they just click. There's a radiant spark that jolts me awake when being around people in that kind of love - a gentle reach for a hand, the all-knowing and quiet glance between laughs. It's everything.

I met these two fantastic humans last fall. We set off for a hike through the Loess Hills of Hitchcock Nature Center and laughed the whole way down and heaved & huffed all the way back up. I knew their wedding was going to be GOOD.

and boy, was it good. - flash forward almost eight months to the wedding -

Ashley + Casey (and Elijah) - you guys are THE. BEST. I feel so grateful to have been apart of your lives this part year. Thank you thank you!