you are all i see

as a person i feel like i'm constantly battling two things inside of me. there is the girl who is good - who wants to do good. at least, strives for it. there is a sense of power within the good - like i can do anything. it feels fearless.

but then there is another - darker, distant. not muddled, just harder to understand. the opposing force to the good. that twitch - constantly pricking at me to over analyze, alienate, and distrust. provoked.

do they overlap ? some middle ground between the two. they have to - even if what's blurred isn't what you thought you'd see.

i wanted to do something that sort of represented that in way - or at least, i tried to. i could not have asked for a better model in karah linn - that girl is out of this world. i'm hoping you will be seeing a lot more of her in my upcoming work. one of my closest friends - maddie doerr - is very gifted with a makeup and hair brush. i am also hoping to use her in a lot more upcoming work. so much thanks to you girls for spending your halloween with me and for all the things you helped me achieve with this.