hang on sloopy.

i had a pretty rad weekend guys. sunday morning after having a great time seeing so many of my good friends, another friend of mine from my old job called me up and asked if i wanted to ride in a plane. the thing is, i'm scared of planes. growing up we didn't have a lot of money, when we left town we drove. i've flown to chicago and back twice. that's it. i nearly cried the second time, having to go it alone. 

i worked on offutt air force base for many years in college, and my friend crystal did as well - as she's been studying for her commercial pilot license. she got it nearly a year ago, and is now working on her instructor license. what an awesome thing to be.

so i've always wanted to get over this fear. since i've known crystal, i've asked her to take me up. and sunday she took pat and i both. i rode first with crystal and her original flight instructor, scott - hell of a funny guy. if he wasn't as funny as he was, i might have lost it up there.

riding in a plane doesn't seem like that big of a deal i'm sure. it was to me - such an awesome experience. 

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